Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap in Tangerine Citrus

This is one of the products I got at Whole Foods almost 2 weeks ago. Since the day I got it, I've been using it everyday. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

The bottle, really big too! (´⊙ω⊙`)!

About the soap (You can click on the picture to read the details better)

Orange-red cap, easy access to get the product out

Brown soap w/ all of it's healthy goodness for my skin

More than just an ordinary product, it helps those who are in West Africa!

This isn't your ordinary soap. Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap can work as a facial cleanser, body wash, shampoo, hand soap, shaving soap, and a general household cleaner. I find it cool that there are giraffes, and elephants on the front cover of the bottle. (Come on, who doesn't like giraffes and elephants?!) This product has honestly saved me lots of time from having to individually pick items separately for my face and body at the grocery store, plus my time being in the showers lol. I'm madly in love w/ this product! The ingredients are a 100% natural, and the smell of the soap is very citrusy - like lemons, and oranges. The liquid of the soap reminds me of chocolate milk. (*≧艸≦) *Hehehe* When I use this as a shampoo, it doesn't bubble up so much - which isn't a problem at all, I just notice it. For the past couple of days that I've been using this soap, I notice that my skin has gotten soft, and healthy. So far no sign of harsh skin reactions. Will I repurchase this product again?
YES all the way!

If you want to buy a bottle for yourself, or check out other stuff from Alaffia, here's their official website/store:

Ingredients: African Mint (Ocimum Canum) Extract (Aqueous), African Black Soap (Saponified Shea Butter* (Butyrocpermum Parkii) and Palm Kernel Oil (Elaesis guineensis), Laurly Glucoside (Coconut), Tangerine Essential Oil. *Certified Fair for Life - Social and FairTrade by IMO.

Pros: Natural ingredients, gluten-free, no parabens, smells good, multifunctional

Cons: Expensive (@ ̄Д ̄@;) , Only available in certain places/order online to have access to Alaffia's other products.

Price: USD $11.39 at Whole Foods

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