Tuesday, July 30, 2013

☆ METROCON 2013: The Cosplayers ☆ (Part 1)

Just this last Saturday, I went to Metrocon - The LARGEST Anime Convention in Florida! I'm going to breakdown my personal experience into 3 posts.

My first post here are the cosplayers. Here are the best pictures that I've taken:

Tiffany, Zaikyo, and Karina

Master Roshi from the Dragon Ball Series

I'm not sure who she's cosplaying ヽ(・_・;)ノ Sorry!

Homestuck Cosplayer

Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kairi and Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Another Homestuck Cosplayer

There were so many wonderful cosplayers that I met! I was really happy. It's amazing how all of these people who come from different parts of Florida, and from different states, came all together for this anime convention.

I also got to meet Bloo Von Dollie, Lead Vocalist of NIGHTMARE GARDEN. A Gothic Lolita band here in Florida!

Love the dress, and Shades!

During the afternoon between 4-5, me and my sister were taking photos by the riverwalk along side of the convention center and the Hillsborough River. Then we decided to head back to the main building and attend one of the main events of Metrocon - Anime Idol (I'll talk more about the main events on my 3rd post.)

The Riverwalk

BUT before we left, we came across a Revolutionary Girl Utena cosplayers. The one cosplaying Utena, she looked so familiar! Like I've seen her on the internet before. Any who, I asked if I could take their photos because they looked so awesome!

Michela, Ginger, and Trish

I'm glad I befriended them! :) When I finally got home, and was surfing on the net then I realized........


Ginger and Michela are like a cosplay celebrities! Ginger and Michela are renowned for there Hellsing HQ Episodes on Youtube, and on DeviantART. I knew they looked so familiar!

Well that sums up my post here!
 Watch out for my 2 other posts of Metrocon! ヾ(´・ω・`)

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