Monday, July 1, 2013

Tampa, Florida (2 Days)

Sorry I haven't updated anything for the past couple of days. That's because I've been busy and I went on a mini vacation w/ my sister to visit our friends. We stayed in Tampa for about 2 days.

(DAY 1)

Skyscrapers of Downtown Tampa

More skyscrapers ∑(;°Д°)

A statue and obelisk at the Hillsborough County Clerk of Circuit Court

I took this inside the parking lot elevator

Once me and my sister arrived there at 1:00 PM, we check in to our hotel, and meet up w/ our friends who were expecting us. I haven't seen them in weeks because of work. m(____)m

 All of us went to Whole Foods and had lunch there.

Delicious pasta I had at Whole Foods (。♥‿♥。)

Here are some other pics I took at the grocery store:

Yummy tarts with fruits and pastries filled with cream

Cookies! I love the Apricot Filled Shortbread Cookies!

My sister sampling a salad (*≧艸≦)

Beautiful cakes that come in a wide variety

 Beep! Beep! Cute kid I met.  \(^▽^@)ノ

God I love this tea. I can only get it in Tampa  。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 *Cries*

What's really unique about Whole Foods is that everything in that grocery store is organic, has a buffet, and I can find tons of stuff that are really hard to find! Not to mention their wide variety of cheese, desserts, and alcohol/wine!

After lunch, one of my friends needed to buy a few things for her dog so we all went to PETSMART which was just a walking distance to Whole Foods. Once we were in the store, we let our friend do her thing, and I decided to roam around for a bit and take a few pics of the animals:

Parrot  (◎▼◎)

Lizards  ヾ(・ω・`。)

Cat (I love cats!) ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

Finally when my friend was at the cash register to purchase her things, I step outside and met this cute German Shepherd mix named Kiki. I couldn't resist taking a pic of her too:

Kiki! Such a sweetheart. U。・ェ・。U

The rest of the night me and my sister played video games, gossip, and so much shenanigans with our friends until midnight. Then we went back to our hotel and pass out.

(DAY 2)

The next day we all went to the International Plaza and Bay Street, an upscale shopping mall:

Tons of awesome restaurants to choose from besides the food court

My friends bought new clothes and makeup, while I just got myself a new compact mirror from Victoria Secret since my last one finally broke after almost 7 years of good use:

Front of the mirror

The 2 mirrors inside

Before me and my sister decided to leave Tampa on the 2nd day, we had dinner w/ our friends one last time. We ate at Ruby Tuesdays:

Shrimp Fondue, with Tortilla Chips!

New Orleans Seafood w/ Sweet Potato Fries

Then me and my sister finally did our hugs and goodbyes to them at 7:37 PM and left.

Of course I wouldn't leave w/out buying something to review on my blog! Here's the stuff I got:

Welada Skin Food Cream, Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap, and
BASS Eye Gel Mask

*Whew* That was long. So yeah that sums up everything~

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