Monday, August 5, 2013

☆ METROCON 2013: Metro Massive Rave/Dance ☆ (Part 2)

This was the last main event of Metrocon (Saturday Night) that I attended.


Tons and tons of people at the rave!

On the ground floor. It wasn't that hard to go around the place!

Glow in the dark necklaces I got before entering the rave

DJ Robert VanWest w/ a Jake t-shirt (IDK the guy next to him lol)


I had a super duper awesome time. The line for the rave was extremely long, but it was moving fast and this event was definitely worth it! While I was waiting patiently on the line, I was also goofing off w/ a guy, and started singing "These Lumps" from Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure Time) Lmao! I was only at the rave for 2 hours because it was getting extremely late, and I live 4 hours away from Tampa.
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