Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving at the hospital (@ ̄Д ̄@;) and hiatus

Instead of having a peaceful Thanksgiving Day w/ my family and close friends, I ended up in the hospital.
My hospital wristbands

Me before my surgery

My Thanksgiving Lunch

After the surgery

Pumpkin Pie

I've been in pain for days. I finally couldn't stand it any longer so I went to the hospital the day before Thanksgiving. I check myself in around 5:00PM. At first I didn't think it was something serious; just needed meds and I'd be done.


My doctor told me that my Hemoglobin was low. I needed to stay at the hospital for the night and have a blood transfusion.

By the time I got to my hospital room, the nurses told me that my body needs to gulp down 4 blood bags, and I might have to go through surgery in the morning. m(____)m I didn't want to go through w/ the surgery, but when the morning came I was in pain again and I said to myself "F*CK it, just get it over w/ it". All I remember was lying on the surgical bed, felt some pain, and completely pass out from the anesthesia. When everything was done, I woke up w/ a smile on my face, back in my room. No pain for a few minutes. Then I felt some cramping but it was expected after the surgery.

If I didn't check myself in to the hospital, I would have been dead in a couple of days.

Now I'm in the healing process. So I won't be on here for awhile.
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