Saturday, December 7, 2013

From 10g to 8g - Stretched my ears again!

Hey everyone! It's been a while. How's life treating you? :) 

From what I mention from my last post; I ended up in the hospital and decided to have a short hiatus until I get better. Well I'm feeling a lot better now, so I wanna talk about my recent ear stretching.

My spiral earrings~

Blue w/ Silver Splatter Spiral Set

Me wearing it on my right ear

White Owl Spiral Set

Me wearing one of the owls on my left ear

 A few months back I did a post on ear stretching, and I've mention that I was gonna stretch it again the next month (July). Well as you guys all know by now, I didn't get to do it, until finally 2 days ago.

I'm officially an 8g. Yay! I got 2 sets of spiral earrings from Spencer's. Anywho, Spencer's had a "Buy 1 pair of body jewelry, get another for a $1" deal at my local mall. The original prices of both earrings I got are USD $14.99. The total should be USD $31.18. I only spend USD $17.19! And I got a Pierced Nation Club Card:

My card~

If I get 4 more purchases (a total of 6) I'll receive one FREE piece of body jewelry valued up to USD $12.99!

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