Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Suphana Papaya w/ Honey Herbal Soap by Asantee

Got this at my local Asian market. I've been using this product for about a month now, and I think it's time I give ya my personal opinion about it.

Papaya with honey

The back printed in Thai and English

Plastic case to protect the soap

Beautiful bright orange soap

I asked the owner of the store what was their best selling soap, and he pointed this product to me. I was a bit skeptical. Why? A 6 pack of soap for USD $9.00 - Since it's that cheap, it might not even give the results I wanted (I'm trying to lighten my skin, and make it flawless before this year ends besides losing some weight). Not to sound like a snob, but I've experience ugly stuff w/ my skin on cheap products. Especially the fact that I have psoriasis. When it comes to soaps, facial scrubs/cleansers, and lotion, I prefer the ingredients natural as much as possible. I don't mind blowing on some extra money when it comes to those things.

Anywho, I decided to just give this product a chance for about a month. If it didn't work, then I'm tossing it out.

Time fast forward, and the results - AMAZING! Personally, I think this is far better than Likas Papaya Soap. Likas was too drying, and didn't lighten my skin.

Now for this soap bar, it smells really good. Not too strong. Just like papaya. Melts easily when lathering it to your skin. I use this product twice a day. Morning and night showers. I leave it on my skin for 2-3 minutes as instructed on the labels.

From my observation in a month of usage, my skin lighten up a bit, less pimples, and keeps my psoriasis at bay. It even out skin tone on my forhead. Can be a bit drying, but that's natural when using a papaya soap. I moisturize my face and neck after my showers.

Ingredients: Coconut Palm Oil, Sodiumhidroxide Solution, Papaya Extract w/ Honey + Glycerin, Vitamin A, C, Collagen

Pros: Helps remove acne and dead skin cells, natural ingredients, smells good, lightens skin, helps even skin tone (Hyper Pigmentation)

Cons: Can be drying, product not available in many local stores in the US (Buy online, and select Asian stores)

Price: USD $9.00
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