Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween needs to come soon

It's been a pretty stressful for me lately. I'm working on getting my license, trying to get back to school, still trying to adjust my new life here in Orlando, and still looking for work (well that last part is put on hold.)

Thank goodness for boba tea. My stress relieve drink!

I've been having issues again with my family. It's a good thing they're leaving in a few days (their currently taking a vacation at my place). Finally, I can get some peace, and quiet at my own apartment once they leave.

 I won't have the car for 2 weeks from now. Twinkie is acting up again. He's at the car dealership to get his boo boos fix. I worry too much. Can't be helped from the way I was raised. On a side note, Halloween is coming up in a few weeks. I always loved this holiday over Christmas.

Goofing off at a Spirit Halloween Store (Also, I love Batman!)

I feel like Halloween is the only holiday that people general can act/feel like kids again. Dressing up, candy, parties, pranks, going to haunted houses/cemeteries..... I mean it's just awesome! I'm hoping this coming Halloween I'll be able to visit a haunted house. I've already been in a haunted (not to mention abandon) cemetery - totally worth it! I can't wait to gain weight, and mess with people again this year.

Ugghhhhhhh................ now I need some chocolate.

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