Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Longing: A strong persistent yearning or desire, especially one that cannot be fulfilled.

Night and Riiako Izawa from the manga Absolute Boyfriend

Not gonna lie, I'm a very emotional person. I grew up not having a mother figure and always yearn the love that I never got from my own family (minus my sister)

I often wonder if there really is somebody out there for me. I stopped giving my heart for a little over 3 years now because of what my ex did. I'm a caring person at heart but that's the reason why people have taken advantage of me over the years.

As much as love is very rewarding w/ all its cuddling, kissing, sex, etc... - it comes w/ a price. DRAMA! You gotta worry if that person is doing things behind your back, try to live up to somebody else's standards, their emotional needs, and the list just goes on. Ugh.

I always need to remind myself  everyday to stay focus on what makes me happy FIRST before anything else. Other days it's hard to bare the pain of being alone, Yet I know there's a lot of benefits of being single. I hate being human at times. We always have that need to be w/ someone.

I'm hoping when the time comes, if that person does exist, that he will appreciate me for who I am, and stay committed.  

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