Sunday, October 5, 2014

I wish I was a mermaid lol

Around the end of this month, I'll be able to go back to school again. And I finally got the car back. I'm feeling so really relief right now lol.

The other day I wasn't feeling good, but I couldn't cancel my trip back up to Tallahassee. Another reason is because I miss the beach. Yeah I mean, I do live an hour away from Daytona Beach but I don't have much of a reason to be there (at least for the mean time.) Plus I needed to get my medication which was still send to my old address.

Beautiful sunrise. I was staying at Days Inn - Perry. Near Tallahassee~

No makeup. Also very sick. (x . x)

Mmmmm......Burger 且_(゚◇゚;)ノ゙

Keaton Beach Marina

Seagulls and people enjoying their time off from all the stress in life

A cross that was placed on this beach

Me and my sister on our way back to Orlando

As much as I love Orlando, I can never forget the wonderful memories I've made back up there. Keaton Beach was a small, but cool place to get away from all the stress that I was going through. I could never forget the last time I was there before my big move to Orlando.

It was midnight, and there was a full moon. I was sitting on the sand, near the water. I was upset that day (I can't remember why lol) I was looking up on the was one of the most beautiful moments that I have ever experience. The moon shined so bright that night, and the entire beach was quiet. It was like saying to me "Everything will be alright." Moments like that makes me feel very grateful that I'm alive. I'm hoping someday I get to see a view like that again. Ever since I was little I was always fond of water. Hell, I nearly drowned twice but that hasn't stop me from going near the ocean lol.

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