Monday, November 3, 2014

Queen Pientzehuang Pearl Cream

While still using Chin Chun Su, I've also been using this cream to help improve my skin. I've manage to use every bit of it, so I'm giving you guys my personal thoughts about it now. :)

The pearl cream and box

Details on the box

Ceramic jar w/ a metallic cap~

Print on top of the cap

The lovely cream

Pearl cream on my hand

One day I was roaming around at my local Asian herbal store, and came across these pearl creams that were on the counter near the cash register. I asked one of the sales associates which they highly recommend on my skin. They told me to try this product because it would help remove my lines, and keep my skin hydrated. In that particular store, it costed USD $16.00. Kinda pricey for me. (・・。)ゞ

Then I decided to go to another shop where they might possibly sell this cream. Lucky me, I found one that was only USD $13.00! Yay!

I was surprised that the cream was in a ceramic jar. I have very klutzy hands, so I try my best not to drop this product! The cream has a lotion consistency. Smells like baby lotion too. When applied on my face and neck, it blends in like a charm. I have no issues blending it on my skin. I apply this product twice a day - morning, and night. For weeks I've notice that my skin has gotten smoother, softer, and lighten. I use this cream to calm my skin and keep it hydrated after using papaya soap to clean my face. I've also notice that the lines under my eyes are showing less and less. The down side of this cream is that its easily washable when in contact w/ water and it doesn't include sunscreen. Other than that I love this cream for the most part, and going to repurchase again :)

Pros: Keeps skin hydrated, diminishes under eye lines, mostly natural ingredients, lightens skin

Cons: No sunscreen, product kinda hard to find, kinda pricey

Price: USD $13.00-16.00
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