Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'll be ducking fine. I think.

These days I've been feeling a lot better. Ton of ducking drama, and quacks have been sling back and the end, I'm glad this one specific person is out of my life. I really didn't want to remove this person, but I can't be friends with someone who constantly lies to me.

Keep Calm and Waddle On

Not only did I discovered this specific person duck me over, it appears he has messed with his own roommate, and a special someone he's known for 12 years. It is insane that this person has caused so much damage to those who cares about him. A 24 year old man who continues to leech off out of others. Pathetic.

Regardless, I am now embracing the sweetness of life. I'm taking baby steps to recovery. Life will have its sour moments, but eventually with persistence, and hard work <-- that person is currently lacking, things will fall into place. I know I'm doing something with my life than sitting on my ass playing video games all day (not that there's nothing wrong with that, just the lack of responsibilities this person has showcased.)

Eat up all the sweetness the world has to offer!

For weeks I haven't been myself since the loss of this person. After my final exams a few days ago, I headed to the mall to just remove some stress. I went to Sephora, and was testing out a lip gloss. Out of the blue, one of the sales associates/make up artists randomly approached me wanting to try this liquid eyeliner. I just randomly gave in - eh whatever lol. Then I told this guy "Thanks that kinda made me feel better." He asked "What's wrong?" then I proceed to tell him what's been happening........The next thing you know, he was giving me a $50.00 makeover for FREE.

The one of the left is the one who have me a makeover! 
His name was Lucas :) Also, the results of his makeover to me.

After the makeover, I broke down crying.............not for the dumb bastard, but tears of joy. I felt like a part of me is back. This made me realized that I forgot one of my biggest passions in life: The Art of Cosmetics. I've been so caught up with so many things in life besides a BOY meddling with my feelings, that I forgot a part of who I am. I'm forever grateful for the kindness Lucas has given me, that yesterday, I went back to exact Sephora and purchased some cosmetics. I also came across him again too! :D

For the first time in my life.............I came across my first gold digger. This BOY was a liar, a thief, and take advantage of innocent people till he has no use for them anymore. My heart still aches for the ones he victimized and his new gullible girlfriend is completely all over this sick individual. She claims that her first priority is her daughter......I beg to differ. If she really does care about her child, she should step back and look at the way this BOY has treated people. Clearly she's immature, desperate, and uses her daughter as a trophy to feel like she's an "Independent Woman". SMH! Both of them are PERFECT for each other!

Sit back, eat, and enjoy the show

I'm just going to watch the tragedy unfold. It makes me so sad people like them exist. Nobody is perfect, but some actions are completely unacceptable. All of this has taught me to not easily trust people anymore, don't always be kind, and be honest as much as possible REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME. This has also help me to become more less dependent on my "happiness" with having a man in my life. Focus on YOU.
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