Saturday, December 27, 2014

Shittiest Christmas Ever.....BUT

I'm grateful for the wonderful year has given me. 

Seminole Hard Rock decided to put a guitar on their X-Mas Tree lol

Even though I found out that Prince Charming turned out to be a FROG, I'm still happy. College, a new car, going to amusement parks, and practicing my's good for the most part. I've lost a few others down the road, yet have gained new people who want to be a part of my life. Which is great.

Surprisingly, I want to go back to college lol. I always hated school, but damn for the first time in my life, I really wanna go back lol. I'm excited to make new friends, especially the fact I'm gonna be taking Kickboxing, and Yoga for this coming semester! Randomly before the holidays, I decided to change my major. From Filming to becoming a Historian/Museum Curator.

I'm still caught up with stress but hopefully all of it will go away by next year. Taking it one step at a time.

My New Year's Resolution: Work hard, Stay Positive, Stay SINGLE for awhile, and Travel A LOT.

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