Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life's unpredictable ways

It's 4:52 in the morning, and I got so much shit to do lol. Ugh but I'm craving to ramble so here it goes: Life has been stressful. I've had a few mental breakdowns already but I've manage to keep myself alive.

Life is like a baozi, you never know what to expect till you bite into it!

My job consist of lots of carrying heavy stuff, and doing things in a very fast pace. The paycheck I'm expecting soon won't be as big as my last one due to the change of my schedule given, plus college to juggle. I'm sad that I might not be able to get something nice for myself soon but at least I know there is money coming in, and my job is keeping me busy from all the negative thoughts.

I wish I can go back into working 6 days a week and 9 hours so there's more income coming in but it's just really impossible by this point.

There are days I wonder where my life will be years from now - hopefully with a bigger income, and a degree lol, I'm sure as hell glad I don't have kids, and relationships are just out of the question.

You better be strong or life will chew you out!

The other good news about my job is that I've been losing weight because of my current position lol. My pants now constantly stags and I'm in need for a new belt.

My poor baggy, tired eyes. :(

Ugh.............I need a vacation, and a spa treatment. m(___)m

I'm crossing my fingers that after 1 year working at this job, I'm going to transfer working at mall as a sales associate. I'm really doing all of this as a work experience.
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