Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Clamue It Girl Healthy Fresh BB Cream in Light Medium SPF 45

So finally ran out of my Ponds BB Cream :'( I was planning on getting a 2nd bottle but the only place that sold them was this Filipino store - the bottle was too small! Plus I don't think it's worth 6 bucks too. I decided to check out a nearby oriental store that sold tons of Japanese beauty care and look what I discovered:

Ooohhh myyy ~

The front. Such a pretty bottle!

Back of the BB cream bottle

Squeezable tube, not the typical pump type.

The cream, really nice texture!

The blemish balm kinda spread on my hand

Left side - No BB Cream, Right side - BB Cream fully blended on my hand

The ingredients

I'm honestly sad my local store doesn't carry the Ponds bb cream that I've been using for nearly a year. I was very content with it.

However life goes on, and things change - so does my bb cream. I've been using this bb cream for nearly 2 weeks now. So far so good except that it can be drying on some parts of my face. Unlike Ponds or Missha (the red bottle) bb creams I've used in the past, the cream for Clamue that I'm currently using has a light texture, but it isn't runny. It's blendable and feels light on my skin. For the scent of this product - reminds me of baby lotion lol. It doesn't have that common smell in most foundations. I might also add the appearance of the bottle is absolutely adorable! I'm loving the baby blue color with the white laces on it. The sunscreen protection is pretty strong; some bb creams are only up to 25 or 35. Since I've been using this, my skin has maintain its tone without any issues of darkening or uneven skin. I love how this doesn't leave a white cast on my face and neck like most Korean bb creams. The color of this bb cream exactly blends in perfectly on my skin tone (yay!) Like Missha M Perfect Cover, you can order Clamue Healthy Fresh BB Cream in a wide variety of shades instead of the usual 2 shades you see that's mostly only targeted to light skin Asians. 

Will I repurchase? Maybe. I might consider going back to Missha except with the right shade for my skin.

Pros: blendable, good for sensitive skin, decent coverage, comes in different shades for different skin tones. strong sunscreen protection, doesn't leave white cast on face and neck
Cons: It can be pretty drying on the skin, not easy to find

Price: USD $20.00
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