Thursday, March 12, 2015

Orlando Japan Festival 2014

Early November of 2014. Kat and I went to a Japanese festival that's held here in Orlando every once a year. Why? Mostly for the food, and merchandise. lol. It was held in a small park but so many people showed up.

Performers play the Taiko drums (Wadaiko)

Real samurai armor!

All dat kawaii stuff ( *___* )

A sweet Japanese-American girl I randomly met

Delicious curry

Performer playing a Japanese guitar
(Sorry I'm not familiar with Japanese instruments!)

Japanese books being sold

My sister Kat-Kat wearing a Yukata (Summer Kimono)

A cute couple wearing a kigurumi (costumes representing cartoon characters)

Cute bento I got from the festival ( ^ A ^ )

That day was loads of fun! There were tons of traditional Japanese performances, merchandises straight from Japan, Japanese-Americans from different parts of Florida came over, and even cosplayers! I'll be sure to attend the next festival this year too. :)

I've always been so fascinated with Japanese fashion, 90's anime, and how they continue to preserve their beautiful culture. It's my mom (bless her soul, I miss her) and aunt's fault why I got into anime :P I'm hoping around November-December of this year I'll be able to finally stop by in Japan again before completely having my vacation in the Philippines with my family. 

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