Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Megacon 2015 - I got to meet Yaya Han!!!

First and foremost, I would like to say that I got the chance to meet Yaya Han!


 I'm sure many of you have seen her on the Syfy channel, a show called Heroes of Cosplay. Yaya is a Chinese-American cosplayer that has been active in the cosplay community for 14 years, and has made 300 complete costumes in total.

I went to Megacon (Anime/Sci-fi Convention) where geeks can finally come out, and have tons of fun with the same interests. Hulk Hogan, and Stan Lee was there too! This was my first Megacon experience and I have noooo regrets.

I also got an autograph from Yaya and for my boyfriend

The Totoro plushie was for my sister because she always said she wanted one :3

Here are some wonderful cosplayers that me and my sister came across:

It's amazing that these wonderful people worked so hard for their costumes. I'm glad cosplaying has become more mainstream here in the US for over the past couple of years.
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