Saturday, May 9, 2015

Healing Hiatus (。- _ - ) zzz

I finally had my shoulder operation yesterday. I was really nervous, but my sister was there to comfort me and one of the nurses tried to help me relax with some medication. I had an IV, oxygen tank, and calf cuffs on me. Once I was taken to the operation room, I was put to sleep with the anesthesia.

Before my surgery. Not so fabulous.

After the surgery, I had this big patch/band-aid on my right shoulder and a new sling - which I really don't like. The most awkward feeling besides the new sling and dizziness/sleepiness from the anesthesia - how paralyzed my whole right arm was; including my hand.


Before completely leaving the surgery center, my nurse also gave me a brand new calf cuffs to take home because of my medical history. (If you read my post back in 2013 about my first surgery, I had blood clots, and blood loss.)

On the left leg, it shows the attachable controller on the cuff. The appropriate way to wear it is shown on my right leg.

My new calf cuffs

I won't be updating for a couple of weeks. Which makes me really sad because I love blogging so much but I need space to heal and I have other things to take care of.

I miss my old sling already 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。
Bye-Bye for now my darlings, I love all of you~

Also, sorry for the shitty photos. All of these were taken on my Nokia Lumia 530!

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