Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cocoa Beach, Florida

"Sometimes you need to get lost so you can find yourself again"

How's life been treating me? Well my boyfriend dumps me, and still feeling disable from my accident. Emotionally and physically hurt - I needed to travel more and find my place in this world again.

Enjoying the moments

Just passing by

Time to relax~

Trying to be happy

Fish & Chips w/ Hush Puppies

Racoons grabbing something to eat

I went to Cocoa Beach since it's the nearest beach in central Florida. I'm making it a habit to get out of the house more and keep myself constantly busy. Visiting Cocoa Beach was a great idea. The beautiful white sand, and restaurants near by - I found it convenient. However when it comes to the water, it wasn't as pristine as the ones back home. I would also rather come to Cocoa than Daytona. IMHO. Besides visiting the beach, I decided to also visit one of my long time friends Aimee.

In the end of August, I'll be back in college, and focus more of getting my degree within 2 years from now. As much as  I loved my ex - it was for the best. I need to focus what really matters the most: Myself. After getting my degree I plan to completely leave Florida and make my move to either New York or back to Chicago.
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