Thursday, August 13, 2015

Womanhood without a mother

I find myself constantly daydreaming. Many people say I look like my dad, but I've got my mom's personality. I guess the real reason I turn to photography, traveling and food besides escaping this crazy world because I miss her, and everyday I'm looking inspiration.

Dessert at Hard Rock Cafe

Beef with Black Bean Sauce

Delicious Indian food

Dim sum at Hard Rock Cafe

Not having my mom has always been hard for me, yet I try to live to make sense out of my life. Since her death, I've tried to find an outlet how to let go of the pain. Art and food has help me with my battle of depression. I couldn't really turn to other relatives because some of them were abusive, except my young sister who also had a traumatic past with me. She looks just like my mom too. She also gives me the strength to move on.

Everyday, I'm becoming less, and less spoiled. Accepting, and forgiving. Yet my sense of humor hasn't changed (HA!) I'm learning that true happiness as an adult means practicing your freedom w/ responsibilities and never lose your imagination like the way you once were as a kid.

When I die someday, I'll be forgotten. Just like how everything doesn't last forever. However, I hope my blog and pictures find it's way to inspire others as time passes on.
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