Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer so far (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

This is probably my most busiest summer in a long time! A lot of chores to do, studying, trying to get another part-time job, lose weight, and basically Pokémon Go. I've manage to squeeze in some time to update this blog (for my sanity sake hahaha) 

My life now consist of cooking better food!

Out of all time I've dedicated this summer, it's been mostly trying to lose weight. I've cut off microwavable foods from my diet, watching out on my food portions and no consumption of soda or anything artificial. I've seen drastic improvement since I've made these changes and I plan to continue do this until I've reach my weight goal. I intend to also maintain it once my goal has been accomplished!

Taking a break from working out

Maintaining my beauty is also another priority. I've gotten myself into more Korean products then ever haha. Mostly masks, and night time creams. It's honestly improved my skin and I'm feeling more confident than before. My psoriasis is showing less red, and flaking (yuck!) I'm beginning to notice that my under eye lines and wrinkles are showing less too. 

Me trying out it's SKIN mask I got back in Tampa

The older I get the more I love myself. These past couple of years I've had to conquer my insecurities, and deal with everyday shenanigans. I've said this so many times and I'll say it again: Adulthood sucks. Ha! If I was to be reincarnated, I'd rather be a house cat who lives in a comfortable home, and well-fed. To sleeping around all day, not having to worry about bills, and not to mention having a beautiful fuzzy fur!

A flower just blossom near a university

Until next time~
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