Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Promise Ring: Swarovski Attract Light Swirl

 I've gotten a few requests from friends and my readers to talk about the promise ring I got from my wonderful boyfriend Kyle.

 My sweet teddy bear got this ring for me in Texas a week after my birthday. Early May he went back home here in Orlando for a short break. On May 8th we had plans to watch Captain America: Civil War. He picked me up at my apartment around 9 pm and gave me this gorgeous ring. The ring fitted perfectly on me, and it wasn't way over the top - elegant, yet a bit of quirkiness.

The ring beautifully tucked inside

Really stunning when it shines on daylight

 Here is the description of the ring from the official Swarovski website: "A refined and expertly crafted version of a classic jewelry silhouette, the swirl ring. This design by Swarovski features a swirl of clear crystal pavé around a central circle, creating a brilliant sparkle. The metal is plated with rhodium, a rare and precious metal of the platinum family that does not tarnish".

 I feel so blessed to have my boyfriend. I'm also happy to have met his parents, and be able to get to know them too. Being able to tell him everything, conquering our ups and downs - this relationship has been a wonderful journey, hopefully to last a lifetime with mostly pizza, cats, and geeky shenanigans. He's in the military and right now we are far apart but we talk to each other everyday.

Me and Kyle taken from my old potato quality cellphone