Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jalapeno Pancake Hush Puppies

 I love hush puppies! Whenever I crave them, I make large batches. Usually with jalapenos. Instead of using flour and eggs, I just get pancake-waffle mix because I love mines a little bit more softer.

 Here's my take on this yummy side:

Don't they look beautiful?

What you'll need:
Measuring Cup
Deep Frying Pan
Mixing Whisk
 Large Mixing Bowl
1 Cup of Cornmeal
2 Cups of  Complete Pancake-Waffle Mix
2 Jalapenos, chopped w/out the seeds
1/2 Tablespoon of Paprika
1 Tablespoon of Salt
4 Cups of Vegetable Oil or more if necessary
Ceramic plate or bowl with oil absorbing cooking paper or paper towels

Sitting happily~

1. Mix all the dry ingredients. Including the chopped jalapenos
2. Keep adding and mixing water w/ the dry ingredients until it becomes a thick batter
3. Place deep frying pan on stove. Pour vegetable oil
4. Turn on stove to medium high
5. Once the oil is hot and showing bubbles, get a spoonful of the batter and gently drop them into the frying pan. 
6. Fry on one side for approximately 1 minute and then flip over and fry on other side for about a minute. Or cook it longer if needed until the hush puppies turn golden brown
7. Grab the hush puppies with the tongs and let them sit on the paper towels/absorbing cooking paper. Let them cool off.

You can eat these hush puppies with ranch sauce or cheddar cheese!

Enjoy! :)