Monday, November 14, 2016

Wild and Free Boho Beach Fragrance from Buckle

I got a gift card over a year ago from a friend and completely forgot about it. As I was cleaning my things out at the apartment, I came across the card again. I was like "Awesome Sauce!" - might as well use it this time.

As I was browsing around for clothes, and accessories at my local Buckle store, a row of fragrances next to the cash registers intrigued me - "Wild and Free Hydrating Hair and Body Fragrance." My reaction was "Holy shittake!" but before I purchased, I weeded out the one I liked the most - Boho Beach.

I also purchased a pair of sunglasses w/ the fragrance

Box of the fragrance

Front and Back of the glass bottle

Before: My hair naturally down, no photoshop. After: My hair feels soft and shiny! 

 For USD $20.00, I though it was a good deal. The fragrance is glass bottled and has a rectangular cap. The scent reminds me of coconut, vanilla, and fresh flowers. Very tropical! What surprised me was that it didn't had a strong alcohol scent that I usually find in cheap perfumes, body sprays, and fragrances. I really wanted to see how good it kept my hair hydrated so I tried it the next day after I purchased it. For 5 hours it kept my hair shiny and hydrated. As for my skin - it didn't really do anything except the scent did last long on me. It didn't left me any sticky residue on my head by the end of the day. My turn off: the rectangular cap kept falling off easily. 

Overall, I highly recommend this product :)