Sunday, December 11, 2016

Happy Holidays!

 Hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday! I won't be updating my blog too much until around January. Here are some random pics that I've been doing lately:

With Mama and Baby Polar Bear

My sister Kat-Kat goofing off

Bonding with this big guy

Cute little snow man ( * o * )

 My dad is also off for the holidays to spend time with me and my sister. We've done most of our Christmas shopping and went a few times at Disney Springs (Formally known as Downtown Disney)

The new Coca-Cola Building w/ my dad and with the iconic Polar Bear!

Behind a giant Christmas Tree

Sparkly things sold at Disney Springs ( I'm obsess with the Mulan crown!)

Beautiful Reindeer 

Giant Christmas Tree at Disney Springs

Truth is, I haven't seem this movie yet ( > w < )

See you later in the next year! :D Add me on Instagram to see other random updates that I haven't posted here!