Monday, October 23, 2017

PÜR Quick Pro Lips 3-Piece Nude Collection

I was introduced to PUR Cosmetics by one of the sales associates at my local ULTA Beauty store. I decided not to test out any of the other lip products from PUR Cosmetics during my shopping spree since I wanted to give you guys an honest, first impression review of them in this blog! 

PÜR Quick Pro Lips 3-Piece Nude Collection

So the lip kit comes in a black slide open box! I prefer this type of packaging than the opening-on-the-top because it's easy for me to put them back in place while at the same time it isn't big and bulky. I could easily hide it on a bookshelf! LOL!

The first product I tried was the nude lip liner. The case that holds the product comes in silver/metal like casing with PUR stamped on it and 3 little nude color lines near the end of the base. When I applied the product, it was smooth, and glided easily on my lips. No weird smell whatsoever! But, I did notice the color was too matching for my natural lip shade! I had to constantly reapply so could it show a bit more. I was honestly hoping that the shade color was going to lean more towards pinkish-brown, but my expectations were too high.  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Nude Lip Liner

Me with just the lip liner on. No lipstick and lip gloss yet!

Of the 3 products, I was more super excited to try out the lipstick and lip gloss! My first impression of the lipstick was the packaging. "Eh, it's like any other lipstick case." Then I took a look at the box that came with it again and noticed there was something I could "flip" on this lipstick.

BAM! There was a tiny mirror.

This should be a thing to ALL cosmetic companies! Good job PUR Cosmetics! 

This is the future. What a time to be alive!

 For the lipstick itself it did looked more dark brown than the lip liner. My expectation was that it was gonna come on my lips just one shade darker than my natural lips. WRONG! After applying the lipstick, my whole mouth went missing. 。゚(TヮT)゚。 I love how smooth and soft my lips felt after applying. As for the scent, it was very pleasant. Reminds me of flowers and baby powder.

Don't let this pretty lipstick fool you! 

See how matching my lipstick looks on my lips? On flash mode of the pic, it has a hint of pink!

I removed the lip liner and lipstick next so I could see how pigmented the lip gloss was on its own. The lip gloss also came with a mirror (YAY!) and..... then, I saw the light. No really, the lip gloss handle literally had lights! I tried applying this lip gloss in the dark to see if I could still apply it without no mess ups. This. THIS right here was amazing! I had exactly enough light to put it on my lips without smudging! As for the pigmentation, it showed up real well. It basically had the same shade as the lipstick. No sticky feeling on my lips, and had a tingling sensation too.  

Spreading light to your life :D

Very creamy gloss and the wand brush was soft to the lips

On flash mode, it looks more pink, and covered a lot of my ugly lip lines!

Finally, I used all 3 of them together and gave a test run for about a week. I had to reapply 2-3 times in one day since I had classes from 1 p.m. to 9: 45 p.m.; also including the times I had lunch and dinner. Sadly, I just decide to return it because by the end of the day, I just wasn't pleased that it matched my skin tone too much. I really wanted it to be just a bit more on the pink or brown side. I still highly recommend it to my readers/fellow bloggers/vloggers. Does this experience still convince me to try out their other lip products? Absolutely! I'm very sure I'd come back to this brand.

On break wearing the lip liner, lip stick and lip gloss

The Nude Collection would be great to match it with bold eyeshadow colors! Speaking of eyeshadows, stay tune for my upcoming review on the PÜR PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette!!!

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