Saturday, November 25, 2017

Lemongrass Spa Products

   There was an event a few weeks ago in my college and I had the chance to get samples from this wonderful brand called Lemongrass Spa. I was also mailed brochures, and a catalog full of their products.

Lemongrass Spa is a company founded 15 years ago in which they pride their products by using simple, clean, and natural ingredients without settling for less. Their brand ranges from skincare to cosmetics and even spa products. I was fortunate to be given some samples of their latest products. Their new line for the Fall/Winter 2017, I received the Espresso Body Scrub, Winter Gardenia Body Icing, and the Almond Biscotti Hand & Body Soap!

Lemongrass Spa Products
A BIG thank you to Bev Kim for the samples!!! 

The first product I've tried is the Espresso Body Scrub. It smells so much like coffee! The body scrub is not abrasive like some generic store brand I've tried in the past filled with artificial fragrance/oils and whatnot, where it left my skin irritated and dehydrated - the opposite of what a sugar scrub should do. This one, however, leaves my skin smooth and hydrated without any bad reaction. Even after washing off, the coffee scent still lingered on my body. 

Espresso Body Scrub

My next test run was the Mandarin Orange Whipped Body Butter. What I first notice was how the texture was smooth, and easy to spread on my body. It has a mild citrus, sweet, smell to it - reminds me of cake and sugar cookies! What I love about this product is how it keeps my skin very soft and super hydrated. I highly recommend this!

Mandarin Orange Whipped Body Butter

Winter Gardenia Body Icing has a cool texture that tingles the skin, leaving a silky touch on the body. Very floral scent with a hint of peppermint and cocoa butter. I don't have to use much because a little goes a long way! When I used this through out the day, I could still smell the floral scent and no skin irritation at all.  

Winter Gardenia Body Icing

The Almond Biscotti Hand & Body Soap has a nice nutty scent of almonds, vanilla bean and coconuts. While washing my hands, the soap's texture was very smooth and didn't dry my skin or give me any weird white residue which is usually found in soaps that don't use organic ingredients. 

Almond Biscotti Hand & Body Soap

Lemongrass Spa is a great brand for those who are looking for organic, gluten-free, and vegan products. Their products are also cruelty free, so everything from them isn't tested on animals! Nowadays people are turning to healthier and organic alternatives but it usually isn't cheap. Luckily, Lemongrass Spa has reasonable prices for anyone to afford! They have products that are also perfect for the holidays now that Christmas is just right around the corner.

Interested to check them out? Click Here: Lemongrass Spa Products

Check out their other goodies by clicking on the picture below to see the catalog online:

Lemongrass Spa Catalog

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