Monday, December 11, 2017

Interview with Thanh Giang: Runner-up of Ms.Vietnam Global 2016

Life is unpredictable. And my encounter with Thanh Giang was a great, unpredictable experience. I had a night off on December 2, so Katrina and I headed off to Disney Springs since I've been stressing out on college finals. On our way back to Starbucks from roaming around, a Vietnamese woman wanted me to take her picture. The next thing I knew we got close and personal about our lives. 

(Credits: Ly Cao)

We started off talking about a pageant event held the next day (I'll talk more about that on my next post.) Which I was gladly happy to attend. Thanh treated me with frappucinos and I got down getting to know about her. She completely intrigued me since she's is involved with beauty pageants. This was a common ground between us because when I was a child, I use to get involved in beauty pageants myself when my mother was alive.

Me and Thanh in Starbucks at Disney Springs

As a fellow Asian-American myself, her life story really hits home to me. All she ever wanted as a child was to have both of her parents together, and a simple, happy, childhood. At a young age, Thanh had to learn to be independent on her own instead. Thanh's father left her mother before she was born. Her father left Vietnam to the Philippines then eventually settled down in Dallas, Texas later in life. As she was growing up without a father figure, her mother started a new family again and was replaced by the two new children in her mother's life. It came to the point Thanh ended up living with her aunt who resides in My Tho, Vietnam. There, she at least found family love through her aunt. At the age of 10, her father went back to Vietnam, and met him for the first time.

(Credits to both pictures: Thien La)

Thanh told me as she was a little girl, she was inspired by the beautiful women on TV who were competing in beauty pageants. From then on, she knew what she wanted. After finishing elementary school, Thanh finally came to the United States, and went on to the pursuit of happiness: To be an inspiration towards little girls. In her own words, "If you have a dream, you can definitely achieve it thru hard work, dedication and determination."

Next Spring, Thanh plans to compete in the Ms. Vietnam New World 2018, held in Vancouver, Canada. She is currently undergoing intense training, determine to bring in the crown. I've also got to learn that she is an avid blood donor at the American Red Cross, a volunteer translator at her local hospital, and spends 4 hours a week reading books to children in the library. She also told me that she might possibly help out children living in orphanages in Vietnam by January. 

(Credits: Ly Cao)

If you had the opportunity to meet Ms. Giang, you sure won't regret it. It's woman like her that we need in this world: Strong, sweet, hard working, and with a grace of beauty.

I wish you all the best beautiful and crossing my fingers you get that crown. 😊

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