Sunday, December 31, 2017

Pandora Seasonal Jewelry Case

A week before Christmas, I got myself a jewelry case. Because of my constant traveling, I wanted to keep all of rings and watches with me without getting damaged along the way. At the same time, I didn't want anything big and bulky. Since I'm currently down south of Florida for the holidays, I checked out one of the local malls here. I went hunting in Claire's, Dillard's, and Macy's but they had nothing what I was looking for. My last stop was Pandora - I got super lucky because they were selling their jewelry cases ranging from USD $15-20! 😊👍

I got too excited that I just wanted to take pictures after I purchased it!

This is also the first time I've ever owned anything from Pandora. Truthfully, I've never got into the hype of Pandora charms, bracelets, or rings, but lately they have been releasing cute things. I might just get something from them in the future if anything catches my interest. The shopping bag alone is very aesthetically beautiful. It comes in green and white with gold letters.

Adorable shopping bag with a green ribbon on top 

Once I made my decision to purchase one of the cases on display, the sales associate went to the back of the store and got me a brand new one. Then it was stored in a simple white cardboard box. Nothing too fancy. I'm currently using the cardboard box to hold my extra makeup. 

Simple cardboard box that holds my jewelry case

The case was specially sold for the holidays. Pandora was originally selling the case as a gift set with a purchased bracelet, but I wasn't interested in getting a bracelet along with it. Another reason I bought it was because it felt sturdy, and was made out of canvas. If it ever got any damage from my travels (and my klutzy hands) I wouldn't feel guilty since it's only 20 bucks. 

Isn't she pretty? 💚

I really wanted to get a square design, but I didn't found anything so this was my next best choice. I love how small it is and the canvas design reminds me of real leather. When I put it next to my Fossil black satchel bag you can barely tell the difference based on quality. The zipper has a gold metal teeth and the zipper pull is made of canvas shaped as a heart with the Pandora ring emblem. The wristlet strap also comes with a canvas mistletoe!

The zipper and wristlet straps gives a nice touch to this case

When I opened the case, the inside is made of velvet that can store rings, a bracelet and an extra storage area. To my surprise, it also came with a tiny pouch. That's a great bonus if I don't feel like bringing the whole case. Since I didn't have a Pandora bracelet, I just took out the little storage that holds it and replaced that area so I can put my watches.

Inside the case, comes with a pouch

The pouch is just adorable. I just wish it had a button clasp because it makes me paranoid if I end up bringing something and it accidentally slips out without me noticing. The outside is made of velvet while the inside has a satin green finish which won't easily scratch any type of jewelry that can be put in.

Cute little pouch 

I would highly recommend this to anyone who constantly moves around and those who are looking for a good bargain. It's best to take good care of this case so it lasts longer. I tried to put my Swarovski gloves inside the case and it fitted like a charm. It's definitely going to help keep my gloves clean instead of just being inside my satchel alone.

The current stuff I had at the moment with me

I'd give this a 8 out of 10. 😀
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