Thursday, January 25, 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

Well guys we finally entered 2018! New hopes, promises, and goals! How am I starting off my new year? Adding more sparkle in my life 😎🌟 I've been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit since the first day of 2018 (Except when I'm in school cause I ain't got no time for that!)  So far it has really brighten up my life (and my face!) This was also an excuse for me to buy a new highlighter. My last highlighter looked too chalky on me. 😂

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

My first impression was D*MN! That's super blinding to the eyes! This highlighter kit comes in 4 different shades: Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline, and Moonstone. Bronzed it more brown-gold tone which is great into defining your cheekbones, and around the jawline. Summer is more yellow gold, and the lightest of the highlighters. While Tourmaline has a purple-bronze like appearance (It's hard to see on the pictures but it's very beautiful!) and finally we have Moonstone which is more of a light pink shade.

From Left to Right: Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline, Moonstone

The highlighters are cruelty-free! So no cute rabbits, cats, or dogs were involved into testing this product! The packaging is made of cardboard, but it's decently sturdy, and glittery. I would also like to point out that this kit has a cardboard sleeve to protect it from any damage or liquids from getting in. The opening flap of the case uses magnets to keep it properly closed. The bottom part of the case also has magnets to keep the metal pans in place and secured. There's a lot of the product on each metal pan that could last maybe over a year; depending how much it's constantly used. Although I'm pretty sure the ingredients aren't natural, I haven't had any reactions while using the products. It's been nearly 3 weeks and not a single pimple, or rash has shown up on my face.

The details and ingredients of the product

Swatching the shades on my left arm for the first time - they came out super pigmented! I've fallen in love with Tourmaline, and Bronzed the most! The highlighters are very blendable, it goes on just like butter. I'm very happy how it easily glides on my face! I only needed to put 2 circular swishes from my highlighting brush to get some product to my face and it showed off very well. It didn't left any of that weird chalky appearance either. When it comes to the staying power, it never faded on me for a couple of hours. Even when I was sweaty, I didn't experience weird smells, or globs of product running on my face. 

From Left to Right: Moonstone, Tourmaline, Summer, and Bronzed

Now to be real with you guys, it's very important to not to put too much highlighter on your face, especially if it's sunny outside during day. Which I did. (HA! Lesson learned.) I ended up looking like a disco ball the first time I tried this because I over estimated its capabilities. I was honestly insecure of buying this kit because I didn't think the colors would show off since my skin tone is medium shade. I thought "Hmmm.....this might be too light for me."  Well it proved me wrong!

On flash mode of the highlighters

Is this product worth buying? I think so! 😚 It's pretty expensive (USD $40.00 from Sephora) But you get so much out of it! Four different shades, blendable powders, very pigmented shades, lasting power, and the metal pans are removable from the cardboard case. If you're into depotting your favorite eyeshadows/powders to another case, this product is just for you! The only downside of this product is that the ingredients aren't natural.😓 If you have very sensitive skin I recommend you trying this at your own risk. PLEASE discontinue IF you start getting a bad reaction!

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