Saturday, May 12, 2018

ORIGINS Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay

Hey guys I'm back with another review! 😁 I've been addicted with this clay mask that I have been using since January. I personally haven't used any Origins products for years so I'm actually glad I have the opportunity to try their products again.

The purpose of this mask is to reduce the appearance of pores. The jojoba beads deeply exfoliates the dirt off your face, while letting the mask sit and do the work for you. It leaves your skin feeling clean, refresh, and completely flawless. I tested this product 8 times so I can give you guys my honest opinion about it. 

ORIGINS Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay 

I was very skeptical of using this at first. I usually use face scrubs to do all of the dirty work for my face. On rare occasions, I like using those disposable Korean masks because they keep my skin hydrated. When I think of face masks, especially the ones that comes from the tube, I just think most of them are very runny, and when it finally settles down after 10-20 minutes, I wash my face off with my skin feeling very dry. 

Description and Ingredients behind the bottle

The clay mask has a beautiful pale pink shade and have little scrubs on it to remove dead skin cells. The consistency reminds me of toothpaste. I only needed 2 squeeze pumps of the product to completely cover my face. It smelled very lovely! 

A pretty pink rose shade!

Here's me with my bare skin - no makeup or moisturizer! I got uneven skin tone, pimples, redness and a million things you can point out hahaha! I honestly was scared of the clay mask because it might be too powerful on my skin.

Before putting on the clay mask

So once I started applying the mask, it was easy to blend on my face and was able to feel the jojoba beads gently scrubbing away the dead skin on me. The lovely scent of the product disappears as it continued to settles down to dry up. I've waited for about 15 minutes before I washed my face.

Left: The mask already setting in. On the right: The mask has finally dried up on my face.

Once the mask dried up, I gently washed my face with warm water. I kinda had to scrape some of the clay off my face. 😂 I noticed my pores were tighter, my face felt clean, and surprisingly, it didn't dry my face, especially my patchy red psoriasis that's next to my nose. My turn off was that I still had some blackheads, and overall, it didn't too much of a drastic change. I would give it a 3 out of 5. I don't hate it, but I doubt I'll be getting a 2nd bottle once I run out. 

The Results

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